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    A follower of graphic and refined compositions, his work, mainly in black and white, is built according to spontaneous and unexpected situations, preferring to capture the present moment to staged situations. As a self-taught person, the topics covered or his choices of framing are only guided by his emotions and the energy that emanates from them.


     In this perspective, the series Twists of Time " and " Alone » evoke for us the notion of passage, passage of Being in its built or natural environment. According to their experience or their sensitivity, everyone can imagine a moment of life, a memory, a retreat, or a more anthropological or metaphysical vision of our passage. Return to oneself, to the essential, in a society in perpetual agitation and acceleration.


     Not imposing any theme, the subtlety of the black and white can orient him as well towards photographs of travels as very close to his home on the racing circuit of Le Castellet.




It was in 2006 that Rinda Meijer, of Dutch origin, decided to move to France in the department of Allier.

She finds peace and the atmosphere there to devote herself to creating the sculptures she had always imagined.

Formerly a police officer in the Netherlands, she forgets her daily life and escapes through her first creations.

Her sculptures symbolize the beauty and strength of women, the dynamic movement reinforces the positive energy that emanates from them. The generous shapes of his characters look like him, we guess a strong personality. There emerges a desire to represent all women through the sensuality of the postures, the lines of the body sometimes round, sometimes slender and elongated.

Animals are an integral part of her life, she likes to represent them as players, to capture a moment of exchange with the animal.

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