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GAT (Agata) grew up in an artistic universe in Aubagne since 1985. Inspirated by the creative character of her parents she expressed very early the love of painting, drawing and sculpting. Her child room became her first art studio.


She spends most of her time drawing, dreaming, painting landscapes influenced by impressionist artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Auguste Renoir.

After college, she will graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Foreign Languages and a Master’s degree in a Business School.

However, art is an integral part of her life and she begins her first exhibitions at 15.


During graduation she realizes how painting is important in her life and produces for her diploma a research article on creativity which will be published in 2010.


She opens her first gallery / studio in Marseille and takes her first steps as a professional artist. She works simultaneously as an entertainment manager for a shopping center, then as an accounting manager, which allows her to develop her activity. This freedom of time, will permit the artist to deepen her creations and make it her exclusive profession.


In 2016, she was entrusted with the presidency of the Art Culture Club of Kedge Business School in Marseille. She managed artistic events for the professional network of graduates.


A year later GAT settled in La Ciotat and opened a new gallery / studio. Her paintings evolved in a unique, colorful universe, mixing impressionist representations and Pop Art influences.

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